Hop Against Homophobia and Transphobia: 2013

join the hop and spread the word for equality

DeeJay Arens



Fighting Homophobia/Transphobia has been a central theme in my life. It led me to write my first book to show the difficulties faced by our community. I especially have held a special passion for the GLBT youth and how society has an effect on them. The conversion camps, the feelings of shame, the suicide rate… it all deeply impacts me and propels me to action. As it should all of us.

We’ve come far these last few months (espcially in Minnesota). We have so much left to tackle, but we’re on the march! We will wipe out homophobia and transphobia. It’s just a matter of time.

Thank you for visiting. Please checkout: http://hopagainsthomophobia.blogspot.com/ A great list of amazing authors and their work.

There will be a drawing of all the people who sign-up for my blog for a free e-copy of my book! Love to all.

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