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Love for the Season by RJ Jones is #OnTour you can #OneClick your copy of As the Leaves Fall and #PreOrder your copy of As the Ice Melts today. Don’t forget the enter the #giveaway

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Book to look into..

Bad Boys Need Love Too by Christa Tomlinson

“You won’t let anybody else have you, Joseph. I won’t let anybody else have you. I want you all to myself.” – Gage Mason

We’ve all had our experience with him. The Bad Boy. The one we’ve been warned about. The one with rips in his jeans and a lazy, devil may care smile on his mouth. The one who makes you do bad things that feel so good.

For me it was Gage Mason. We met when he worked on my Ducati. I knew immediately he was trouble, but something about that Bad Boy drew me in. Maybe it’s his dark eyes that study me like he wants to know everything about me. Maybe it’s the way he makes me feel; the rough touch of his hands, his possessive grip on my hair when we kiss, the way he feels deep inside me. Or maybe it’s the way he needs me, even though he won’t admit it.

For once in my life I’m taking a risk. Despite everything that tells me I shouldn’t, I’m taking a chance to be with Gage. I don’t know if it will end well, but I do know I can’t resist that Bad Boy.

Joseph Naderi

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My Brother’s Keeper Trilogy by Adrienne Dane Spotlight & Giveaway!

Enterthe giveaway for a chance to win My Brother’s Keeper Trilogy by Adrienne Dane

MM Good Book Reviews

Adrienne Wilder - My Brothers keeper Hey peeps I am back and I am bringing you Adrienne Wilder’s newest releases the My Brother’s Keeper Trilogy, now this is a fantastic series that I loved. Adrienne is spotlighting this Trilogy and she has also brought you a great giveaway where one of you lucky readers will get the chance to win the entire Trilogy and another 10 lucky winners will win the first book. So check out the books take a peek at my reviews and click that Rafflecopter link… Good Luck *snuggles*~Pixie~ 

The My Brother’s Keeper Trilogy

The town of Gilford has a Big and Terrible secret hidden in the ground.

Infecting those it touches.

Exploiting their darkness.

Consuming their souls.

It’s hungry. It’s vile. It’s evil.

And it wants out.

 Adrienne Wilder - My Brothers Keeper - BookOneMBKcoverRS

Book One: The First Three Rules

Marshal Jon Foster lost his purpose and his sanity the day he saw the image of his dead brother. The…

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